Drone Attack In Sevastopol Puts Russia On Alert l Has Ukraine Started Its Campaign To Retake Crimea?

Russian officials claimed the Crimean port city of Sevastopol came under attack by Ukrainian drones on November 22. The alleged attack comes just days after Ukrainian troops forces Russia out of Kherson. The Kherson retreat led to some US experts to claim Ukraine can now attack Crimea. Watch this video to know if this attack is the first of many and why Crimea is so important for both sides. #russiaukrainewar #crimeaattack #worldnews 0:00 – INTRODUCTION 1:36 – RECENT ATTACKS ON CRIMEA 2:08 – TIMING OF THE DRONE ATTACK 3:48 – WHY CRIMEA MATTERS n18oc_world n18oc_crux CRUX is your daily […]

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